Wedding Planning Tasks for Mothers Of The Bride

By on July 1, 2013

Wedding Planning Tasks for Mothers

Your mother and mother-in-law are going to be very eager to play a big part at your wedding. They will want to know all the details, give their opinion and try to help you out in every aspect of it. So here are a few tasks that your mother and mother-in-law can do to feel included and help you out: The Guest List: Your mom and mother-in-law know every family member to be invited to your wedding, so have them each write a guest list, and sort them out; this way you wont forget anyone. The Invitations: Since moms usually know all the family updates, they will definitely help you out with the titles, and whos married to whom now. Smart Advice: Asking for your mother or mother-in-laws taste or opinion in something will give you a clearer view of things. They both love you and want everything to look beautiful. Connections: Moms usually have a lot of contacts, so they might help you get discounts on venues, cakes and flowers from the people they know.

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