Tips for the Stressed Mom to Be

By on June 16, 2013

Tips for the Stressed Mom to Be

Nine whole months of child bearing is the most joy a woman can ever feel. But this joy has a price of stress and cellulite and a million things happening at once but in the end it all goes away the minute you hold your baby in your arms. Stress is one of the major side cons of pregnancy and if not relieved, can be very dangerous for both the mother and baby. If you think you’re over stressed, try these tips below.

1.Exercise: consult your doctor on what would be a good method for exercise. Exercising is both healthy and uplifting. It will help making the delivery easier, help with weight loss during pregnancy and muscle building, and most importantly, during exercise endorphins are released (aka “Happy Hormone”) which will help with stress relief. Most common types of exercise for pregnant women would be stair climbing and walking.

2.Yoga: being so quiet and relaxing, yoga does effectively relieve stress. Take a yoga class with a close friend or a sibling, someone you can be quiet with. Pick a class during the early hours in the morning, that’s usually when the “Happy Hormone” levels are high.

3.Cut back on caffeine and fizzy drinks. Caffeine can be keeping you and your baby up. Together with sugar, caffeine can really contribute to your stress levels. Next time you’re grocery shopping, reach out for the de-caf.

4.Take a break from work, if you can of course. Try to be chill as much as you can, don’t be shy to ask for help around the house from your husband, and do get someone to help you with day-to- day tasks. Being pregnant is hard work itself so go easy on yourself and relax.

5.Treat yourself to a pre-natal massage. Get some alone time at the spa, and book a monthly prenatal massage. Prenatal massage have special techniques and a comfortable belly hole that help you de-stress and helps get your circulation running.

6.Talk, talk, talk. Bottling up the way you feel or not speaking up when something is bothering you, is a slippery slope. Don’t go around complaining about every single thing you don’t like in this world, and don’t bottle up either. Talk to your husband, your friend, a therapist, your mum, and a sibling. Talking to many people about many different things will help you de-stress and gain perspective. Share the good and bad, fear, excitement, anxiety, cravings, everything. Talking will relieve you.

7.Sleep. Although it might seem hard, and sometimes you just can’t go to bed, sleep! Lights out, AC on, and tune out. If you can’t get any sleep, find the cause behind it. If the mattress isn’t comfortable, get a comforter pad or buy a new mattress. If it’s the heartburn, ask your doctor for advice on heartburn relief. Try to get as much sleep as you can so you can be ready for when the baby comes.

8.Don’t fight. Avoid fighting whenever you can. Avoid going into petty arguments with the help or with your mum, it’s the last thing you need.

9.Don’t over-eat. Although cravings need to be fed, but over-eating will make you gain weight, and we all know how that ends.

10.Go out, meet friends, leave the house, re-connect with old acquaintances, and enjoy your pregnancy. Even when you’re tired, get out of bed and go out. Being at home all the time will add to your depression and stress. Your 9 month pregnancy should be something to remember; an enjoyable experience, so make it count!

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