Tips For Fasting Lactating Mother in Ramadan

By on August 5, 2013

Tips For Fasting Lactating Mother in Ramadan

1- You must consult your doctor to decide whether or not you are able to fast during  breastfeeding.

2- Avoid excessive or heavy work and schedule in rest times during the day.

3- Break your fast gently, with water or soup at first and then eat a small amount of healthy food in doses instead of filling up right away.

4- Avoid foods that are hard to digest or contain large quantities of unhealthy fats, namely fried foods.

5- Choose high protein, slow energy releasing foods such as dates, lentils, and beans.

6- Avoid high sugary foods that raise and drop your blood sugar levels quickly, resulting in fatigue or dizziness, and drink plenty of fluids over night to stay hydrated during the fast.

If you begin to feel unwell, or are dehydrated, talk to your doctor straight away. If you are worried that your baby is not getting enough to eat, seek advice from your doctor .

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