Pregnancy Rocks!

By on June 12, 2013

Pregnancy Rocks!
10 reasons why it’s awesome being pregnant

The Right Kind of Calorie Counting

When you’re carrying a growing fetus, you not only can eat voluminously, you’re supposed to, within moderation, of course. Even better, no craving is too weird or inappropriate. Dying for a handful of sour dills at the break of dawn? Seems reasonable.

Automatic Argument Ender

From the moment you see that blue stripe, any statement approximating “Are you carrying our baby?” counts as a slam-dunk argument winner, giving your partner no possible rebuttal. It’s like pulling a royal flush on every poker hand.

The Kneading

And squeezing. And rubbing. And pinching. And caressing. Foot massages, hand massages, shoulder massages, back massages, they’re all fair game, any hour, any day. Feel like you might be abusing the privilege? You probably are, but you deserve to.

The Glorious Second Trimester

Most pregnancies are hardest during the first 12 weeks and last 12 weeks, with the middle section offering a delightful feeling of revitalization, an increase in energy, abatement of nausea, and the emergence of a general sense of exhilaration and vigor.

The Mysterious Glow

When people comment on your creamy-smooth skin, your sparkling eyes, your lustrous hair, and your … whatever it is that’s making you look so darn good, they’re being just as sincere. You look marvelous, Mama!

Guilt-free Veg Time

Being pregnant gives you, especially in today’s fast-paced go-go world, one of the few modern justifications for simply taking it easy. Taking a bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon? Knitting a baby bootie? All good!

Pregnancy Style, No Longer an Oxymoron

As recently as two decades ago, the sartorial spectrum of pregnancy started with moo-moo prints and ended at moo-moo solids. Then Demi Moore appeared pregnant and beautiful on the cover of Vanity Fair, and designers jumped on board faster that you can say “bare midriff.”

You’re Experiencing It

One experience envisioned by most women is that of pregnancy. Even if you’ve heard all about its various trials, you still have a secret desire to know what it’s like. After you’ve gone through it, you know. Forever.

Welcome to Snoozeville

When pregnant, you’re encouraged to sleep whenever you feel like it. After all, a little person is in there sharing a considerable portion of everything you’re taking in. So grab 40 winks, and then, if the need should overcome you, grab 40 more.

The X (and Y) Factor

Only someone carrying a life inside them can understand the feeling of strength and overwhelming responsibility that accompany it. All pregnancies have one unique thing in common, which is the euphoria of creating life. Nothing in the world can touch that.

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