Pregnancy myths busted

By on June 12, 2013

Pregnancy myths busted

Sometimes Arabic society can pass beliefs down through the generations that are not true and often wrong. This can also be the case when it comes to the issue of pregnancy. We’re here to bust these beliefs and stories.

Myth: A woman cannot get pregnant during the nursing phase
Truth: The fertility rate declines during the nursing phase due to the lack of ovulation but it is always possible to get pregnant.

Myth: Craving for certain types of food is a sign that the body needs them!
Truth: The studies have not proved or denied this myth. The need may be psychological rather than physical. The pregnant woman usually craves for the food she tends to prefer over others.

Myth: The fetus steals the calcium from his mother and causes her tooth decay during pregnancy.
Truth: The tooth enamel is not affected by the calcium quantity found in the food.

Myth: If the mother is calm during her pregnancy then the child will also be calm but if she is nervous and stressed then the child will be as well.
Truth: There is no link between the nervous system of the child and the nervous system of his mother. However, the neurological status of the mother can affect the fetus.

Myth: Dental treatment is a threat to pregnancy and can cause miscarriage.
Truth: There is no risk to your baby when having dental treatment, in fact you should continue to care for your teeth as normal. Avoid dental surgery though as this will involve taking anesthetic.

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