Parent support: Tips to help you cope with the shock of a new baby

By on July 2, 2013

Parent support: Tips to help you cope with the shock of a new baby

Having a baby can simultaneously be the most wonderful, terrifying and exhausting time in your life. Stating a baby can change your life would be an understatement: a baby can completely turn your life on its head! Here are some tips to help you cope with the shock of a newborn baby:
Anger is commonly experienced by new mothers who feel angry at their baby for not cooperating, angry at their partner for not helping enough and even just for feeling angry in the first place. Taking yourself out of the situation, even just for an hour, can help soothe your nerves.
Don’t worry if you don’t feel a bond with your baby immediately. For some this can take time and happen gradually, but it will happen.
Don’t bottle up your feelings. Talk to your partner, friends and family – chances are they many of them will have experienced similar feelings themselves.
Loss of routine
Take practical steps, such as stocking up on frozen meals, and cutting down on non-essential tasks
Accept all offers of help from friends and family for jobs such as ironing, supermarket runs or anything else that would come in handy
Know that the tiny baby phase will be short lived, and in a few months your baby will be sitting up, playing and starting to feed at a reasonable hour
Crying babies
Work with your partner and take turns in looking after your crying baby. When it’s not your turn try not to hover – get away from the noise and if needed go out and get some fresh air
Get help by asking a friend, relative or someone you trust to look after your baby for an hour to give you a break.

Sleepless nights
Be kind to your partner and be aware that loss of sleep causes frayed tempers
Ask friends with children for tips on getting babies off to sleep – you never know, they could work a treat for your newborn
Don’t try and keep your house immaculate – your need for sleep should come high up of your list of priorities
Line up grandparents, parents and friends to take the baby for a walk around the park for an hour or two to allow you some time to rest.

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