Low fat lunch idea: Pasta Salad

By on June 6, 2013

Low fat lunch idea: Pasta Salad


2 chicken breasts (boneless)
1/2 lb. rotini
2 lg. carrots, diced
diced celery
1 lg. red pepper
1 med. sliced white onion
20 sliced black olives
1 lg. cucumber,
1 lg. tomato
black pepper, dill
1/2 bottle low fat Italian dressing


Season the chicken breasts; bake at 350 degrees until slightly brown and put on the side. Cook pasta and keep on the side to cool. Dice all the vegetables and mix together.
Add dill, black pepper, and basil to taste. Add cooled chicken and pasta; add Italian dressing and toss together. Serve cold as a main dish.

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