Lips Chapped? 5 DIY Solutions For Perfectly Painted Puckers

By on December 26, 2013
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Lips Chapped? 5 DIY Solutions For Perfectly Painted Puckers

Few things are less attractive than going in for a kiss with chapped, dry lips. And even if no kiss is in your foreseeable future, who wants to feel the burning sensation that’s seemingly par for the course with unkempt smackers?

Sure, chapped lips tend to get more attention in the wintertime, but many of us nevertheless suffer with dry lips through the summer sun as well. And, considering this fall’s emphasis on the lip, (get ready for magnificently matte lips and perfectly painted puckers,) having a smooth and supple smoocher, stat, is essential!

So, whether you need these tips pronto, or have the luxury of holding on to them until your pucker is parched this winter, here, we give you our favorite remedies for soothing and smoothing, ensuring your next kiss is seamless and your lip-tint application flawless.

5 DIY Tips for Smooth Lips

To exfoliate: create a mixture of brown sugar and water and rub it into the lips until they begin to feel soft.

To treat overnight: combine olive oil and honey and apply to lips before bed to wake up soft and smooth!

To cure cracked lips: cut a cucumber into slices and hold on lips, allowing the water in the cucumber to soothe and replenish cracked lips.

To alleviate burning: create a salt water mixture and create a compress for your lips. Lay with the compress on your lips for 20 minutes then dry and apply Vaseline.

To maintain hydration: heat organic coconut oil until it is warm and apply to lips several times per day.

When your lips are back to their healthy self, apply your favorite lip gloss and pucker up!

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