Keep yourself HYDRATED this summer!!!

By on May 29, 2013

Keep yourself HYDRATED this summer!!!
Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing great. So are you enjoying SUMMERS?????? Well, we all know Summer has set in and there is nothing better than enjoying or holidaying in Summers; however, this hot and humid season has it’s own negative aspect. So to enjoy this hot season the most vital thing that you need to keep in mind is “HYDRATION”. The more hydrated you are the better you feel and appear. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin in may ways!

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Here are some tips that will aid you to keep yourself hydrated during this hot season.


  • Drink enough water before meals as doing so will not only keep you hydrated but you will also be less likely to overeat.
  • Carry a water bottle along with you, wherever you go, trust me this is the best way to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Having trouble drinking plain water??? add some taste to the water by adding flavor powder’s like Tang, Rasna, Rooh afza or even syrups but I strongly suggest that you shouldn’t opt for aerated/carbonated or fizzy drinks since these drinks are high in calories and not good for our body.
  • Eat water???? Yes you got it right! What I mean to say is you should include fruits and veggies in your diet that have high water content such as Water melon, Musk melon, Cucumber, Tomato, Strawberries, Cabbage (cooked), Pumpkin (cooked), Lemon, Papaya, Zucchini (cooked),Apple and many more. Regular consumption of such foods will keep you hydrated and packed with essential nutrients.
  • Fresh juices are a good choice as they have abundant Vitamins, Minerals and lots of Energy. Seeing that there are several options available to choose from, it can be orange, water melon, lemon or even mixed fruit juice, the choice is definitely yours!
  • Bored with regular water???? then you can pick sparkling water or coconut water. I recommend you coconut water because it is highly refreshing and naturally available, on the contrary sparkling water is fizzy and consuming a large amount won’t be of any benefit to your body other than hydration.
  • Consume lots of water before exercise and don’t forget to carry a water bottle along with you.
Keeping yourself hydrated is very essential and doing so will benefit your body as well as your skin. When you are sufficiently hydrated it shows on your skin, your skin glows, appears more radiant, less acne and pimples etc. Hence,to acheive beautiful skin load yourself with lots of fluids.


I hope the tips will help all of you!




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