Indian Bridal Manicure Tutorial

By on June 20, 2013

Indian Bridal Manicure Tutorial

The Indian Wedding season is here and the new bride-to-be’ are all set to organize how they want to dress up and look on their wedding day. And makeup and clothing always come first. However in the wedding rush, we cannot forget a very important trend that has gripped girls from all over the world these days. Yes, it’s none other than beautiful bridal nail arts.

Going to a parlour and getting a professional manicure done is one way to do it. But if you are really into nail art and want to try it out yourself, the following design is a must try.
In this Indian Bridal manicure I picked a dark maroon base. You can use a dark bridal red nail polish base too.

So let’s get started. You will be needing:

  • A base coat (must because we will use acrylic colours)
  • Base nail polish paint (preferably in dark red or dark maroon)
  • A Nail art brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Big and small nail art flowers
  • Mini plastic beads
  • Medium pearls
  • A tooth pick
  • Nail Art Silver Foil Paper or edible silver foil paper / Chandi vark (one that is used over sweets)
  • Cotton bud and polish remover for cleaning the edges
  • A transparent top coat
  • Nail art glue

Step 1:

Paint 2 coats using your base coat. Let it dry. Paint up your nails with 2 coats of Dark maroon.


Step 2:
Now take your nail art brush and carefully draw a white distinction border from corners. Draw flowers and also some other designs like creepers and tiny leaves or just plain simple dots. Leave the thumb alone.


Step 3:
Take nail art glue or a transparent polish and put dollops on to the thumb and dip your toothpick into transparent polish so that it can pick up the pearls and beads. Place the pearls and beads like shown in the picture below.


Step 4:
Now apply the nail art glue that comes with the flowers and stick the flowers on the required places. Take reference from the picture as to how I have places them.


Step 5:
Similarly put a pearl on the center of the flowers. Now take bits of the nail art silver foil paper and apply the top coat at the places where you want to use the foil. Take bits with a toothpick and stick them on.


Step 6:
This is how it should look like without a top coat application.



Step 7:
Apply an even layer or two of top coats to seal the foils and the design so the flowers stick firmly.

Here is the final look. It is very simple provided you have the right materials, a creative mind and most importantly patience.

bridal-nail-art (1)


Hope you enjoyed this bridal manicure tutorial.

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