How To: Glitter Eyes 3 Different Ways

By on June 30, 2013
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How To: Glitter Eyes 3 Different Ways (Halloween, NYE)
I’ve gotten a couple of requests for Halloween makeup tutorials, but no one mentioned anything specific. I decided to feature some easy, cheap, and versatile ideas. I also wanted a look that was subtle, one that was daring, and one that was really dramatic. These eye looks would be great for Halloween, New Years Eve, or a girl’s night out. I used gold, but feel free to use your favorite color of glitter. Let’s get started:

–Glitter eyeliner (I used gold glitter from NYX, $4)
–brown and black shadows
–black eyeliner
–scotch tape
–eyeshadow base
–false lashes (optional)

Gold Cat Eye
–Put eyeshadow base over lid.
–Line top lid with black liner.
–To help you draw a straight line, place a piece of scotch tape along your eye from outer corner to end of your eyebrow. This is optional, but is totally helpful.
–Draw a thin line on upper and bottom lids and extend into a cat eye.
–Apply mascara (and don’t forget to remove the tape).

Golden Eye (left)
–Put eyeshadow base over lid.
–Line lower lid with glitter.
–Line waterline and tight line with eyeliner.
–Apply dark brown shadow to the crease and blend across and down.
–On the upper lid, make the glitter line thicker than the Cat Eye example.
–Apply mascara

Smokey Glitter Eye
–Put eyeshadow base over lid.
–Line water and tight line with eyeliner.
–Sweep brown in the crease and blend down.
–Pat black shadow in the outer corner and blend in.
–Apply glitter liner all over lid and smudge under eye, using your finger.
–Brush on mascara.
–Optional: apply false lashes

–Line lower lids first with glitter and let it dry! It will take a minute or two.
–Once you apply the glitter to the upper lid, try to look down to let the glitter dry. This is essential for the first two looks, where you do not want glitter all over the lid.
–No glitter liner? You can use any sort of gel glitter (try the Halloween kits or body glitter) or make your own using hair gel and glitter. I also tried it with hand sanitizer and glitter–just be careful of it getting in your eyes!
–If you have sensitive eyes, double check the ingredients first.
–To remove the glitter, I recommend cloth & Vaseline or olive oil, but use your regular routine. Just make sure you scrub!
–Not a fan of the looks above? Totally just smear glitter all over your face via Ke$ha! 😉
What unusual eye looks would you like to rock for Halloween (or any day)?
You know what goes great with glitter eyes? A GIVEAWAY!


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