How to choose Nail Colour to match your Skin Tone

By on July 27, 2013

How to choose Nail Colour to match your Skin Tone
There are many things which can either enhance the way that someone looks. What many people do not realize is that certain shades of nail polish can actually enhance your skin tone. Certain nail polish shades can also be very unflattering to your skin tone. Here are some of the different colors you will want to consider wearing based on your skin tone.

Dark Skin Tone
• Beautiful dark skin tones will be more emphasised with dark nail polish colors. Chocolate brown, red or a nice burgundy and dark green matches the rich colour of women with a dark complexion.
• Gold also looks best on dark complexion. A stylish look for dark-skinned women can be easily pulled off with a gold nail polish.
• However, tanned skin can be accentuated with lighter shades. Chocolate and light brown as well as light blue, pink, and purple may work for tan complexion. And since this is a sun kissed colour, gold should be avoided as this will completely blend into the overall skin colour and it will no longer be visible. The basic principle for tan complexion is choosing colours on the warm side of the colour chart.
• Yellow-based nail polish colours are highly recommended to women with dark complexion.
Medium Skin Tone
• Being the colour in-between, this skin tone can wear most shades
• Nail arts look stylish on medium skin tones since the different prints and colours blends well with the colour of the skin. Nail art designs that use metallic shades are recommended. Glitter nail polish, on the other hand, adds a tanned look to medium skin tones.
• Vibrant hues such as pink, blue, yellow, or orange will look impressive on a medium skin tone. Bright shades are the perfect nail polish colours for women with medium-neutral skin tone.
• Silver and the metallic version of light blue emphasise the neutral colour of such complexion.
• Women with neutral skin tone may want to avoid nail polish in colours red, dark purple and navy blue.
Fair Skin Tone
• Women with light or fair skin tone appear to be the luckiest since they can apply most colours to their nails. However, it can be overwhelming for some and they forget that fair-skinned women still do differ in shade and undertone. Too pale skin may want to stay away from extremely dark colours as such nail polish colours will look to eye-popping.
• The best shades that flatter fair skin tone are pink in bright or soft shade, purple in light to medium shade, and red.
• For a healthy, rosy look, nail polish in shades of pink is advisable.
• Blue-based nail polish is mostly recommended to fair skinned people.
• The general rule in matching skin tone to nail polish colours is this simple: light-to-light and dark-to-dark. Light skin will look best on light to medium nail polish colour while dark skin will look better on medium to deep dark nail polish colour.

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