Honeymoon tips for the Newly Weds

By on June 6, 2013
honey moon tips

Honeymoon tips for the Newly Weds


Your honeymoon trip is a trip to remember for the rest of your life. Being the most expensive and luxurious trip you’ll ever go on, make sure you make the best out of it by following our tips below.

1. Before booking your destination, search online for famous honeymoon spots. Ask your friends/ relatives where they went/ recommend going.
2. Bear in mind that your honeymoon will most probably be right after your wedding, so make sure you pick somewhere you can relax and de-stress. The perfect honeymoon spot would include a nice relaxing beach and a wild nightlife scene.
3. Don’t always listen to your travel agent. Remember that these agents are just trying to sell you their most expensive packages. Go online and search for hotel rates and early booking offers and show them to your agent; show them that you’ve done your homework too.
4. Once you’re there, book a couples massage for you and your partner. Couples massages can be very delightful and intimate. With candles, light music, and sensual back rubs, these massages can work wonders on you two.
5. Go on a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant. We’re talking, candles, flowers, 4 course meals, and fancy attire. What better occasion to celebrate?!
6. Watch the sunrise together. Wake up extra early, get your iPod ready, and hit the beach to get a clear view of the sun. Something that’s so memorable and romantic that will swoon your partner.
7. Have fun together. Don’t say No to each other. Have a pact that whatever each of you asks would be granted. Get out of your comfort zone, jump off a cliff, go on a quad bike ride, take a rafting challenge, visit the Water Park together, and just GO CRAZY!
8. Spend time together. Don’t get too consumed with the idea that you’re on holiday and that you want to explore the city and forget about being together.
9. Take each other’s feelings into consideration. Learn to compromise and that you two are different, maybe your spouse doesn’t feel like going clubbing today, don’t be angry about it, there’s always tomorrow.
10. Make love, explore each other, tear down the walls between you. That’s most likely to happen when you’re abroad and far away from cultural and social ties. Don’t be afraid to show affection and passion in your honeymoon phase, that’s what will set the standards for the rest of your marriage, so make sure you’re “open” to suggestions.

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