He left me on my wedding day!

By on June 24, 2013

He left me on my wedding day!

There was a lady who was disappointed on her weeding day by the man who proposed to marry her. The man did not show up in church, so she got mad about this and cried her heart out bitterly on that faithful day.

Luckily for her she got married to another man, and the man was a military man who later became the military governor of a state.

The man who disappointed her later went to military school and after his graduation, he was surprisingly made an A’ de coup of the military governor.

His duty was to serve the military governor and his wife whenever they wanted to attend any programme. The man who disappointed her was responsible to open their car, usher them in and escort them to wherever they were going.

As children of God, we need to be patient in all things because we are entitled to every good thing in Him and God will not give to his children anything that He does not deserve.

Therefore I decree upon your life today that every disappointment in your life shall turn into an appointment and blessings in ALLAH’s name.

The favour of the Lord shall be with you and you shall be a blessing to your generation and mankind. Anything you desire in life shall come to pass. God will terminate every evil plans against your life, your family, your education, your business, and your relationship in the mighty name of ALLAH.

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