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Ingredients Quantity
Boerewors sausage 125g
Pap Prepared 135g
Sauce Chakalaka 60ml
Basting – Rib 20ml
Rocket leaves (for garnish) 10g

Pap – ingredients
Polenta – maize meal 1kg
Salt 10g
Butter – bulk 100g
Water 2 litres

Method – Pap
1) In a medium sized pot, add water and salt, and bring to the boil
2) Add polenta, whisk until it thickens with no lumps
3) This should take approx. 10 minutes
4) Transfer to a flat tray
5)Brush the top with butter. Cover & store in the fridge
6) cut with a round cutter and warm in the microwave

Method – to assemble dish
1) Grill the Boerewors, baste during cooking, serve on top of the prepared pap
2) Garnish with rocket leaves around and Chakalaka sauce

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