Baja Mexican Fish Tacos

By on May 2, 2013

Baja Mexican Fish Tacos


1/2  cup sour cream
1/2  cup mayonnaise
1/4  cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2  cup taco seasoning
1  kilo fish fillet, cut into 1 inch pieces
2  tablespoons olive oil
3  tablespoons lemon juice
6  whole wheat tortillas
1/4  cup chopped cabbage
1/4  cup chopped tomatoes
1  lime juice


1.Combine sour cream, mayo, cilantro, lime juice, and 2 tablespoons seasoning in a bowl. Mix well and set aside.
2.Combine fish, oil, lemon and the rest of the seasoning in a bowl.
pour into a pan and cook , stirring often, over medium heat for 4-8 minutes.
3.Fill tortillas with fish, cilantro sauce, tomato, and cabbage.

*If desired add more lime juice on top of your taco!

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