Awesome Vintage Makeup Tips

By on June 28, 2013

Awesome Vintage Makeup Tips GET THE VINTAGE LOOK We all love fashion and the changes it brings with every season.Sometimes i just want to go back to the classic looks are bring a bit of it the “Current Trend”. So i try to mix it up a bit and play with it.Here are few things you should do if you want to blend it in or try the VINTAGE LOOK for a day. Its Simple make up you should do to achieve that perfect early 20s look.   1960shairstyle 1) Hair Style : This is the most important thing to give you the classic look .Pull out those old bobby pins, Curlers.Try the pin up hair styles,wavy hair or bouncy long curls. There are so many of them out there.Just get on with it and ROCK the streets with your new vintage hairstyle. red-lipstick   2)Red Lips : I wasn’t a fan of red nail paint or red lipstick but once you try it out you will never leave it.It all depends on choosing the RIGHT tone of red.Apply some concealer around your lips to bring out the look of it.Full red lips and bouncy hair we are on our way to the 20′s for sure. cat-eye-liner   3)Eye Liner : Yes, we got the cat eye liner look from them.The pulled out eye liner which goes up the eye and make ones eye look beautiful.Everyone’s got to try this look.It goes perfectly well with any outfit you try and if you think its hard to do you are wrong.Just give it a few try’s and you will master it.   Long-Eye-lashes 4) Eye Lashes : Long Eye lashes.Sadly i am not the one with long eye lashes but how i wish i had them so that i could bat my eye lashes and make the guy go weak in the knees. I can totally imagine it.OK! moving on curl them up and put some mascara on.If you don’t have the long lashes then i heard you get the fake ones.Its okay to put them for a day to add that drama for our look,So go ahead and buy them.   gorgeous-eyebrows 5)Refined Eyebrows : I do it! You should do it too.Light eyebrows doesn’t really show your features and really thin eyebrows aren’t good.they should be well defined and dark.I think it makes your eyebrows look beautiful and highlight your eyes as well. By doing all that.You have just completed your vintage look and im guessing you would look something like the image below?Well,even better in your own way :).   vintage-girl1 P.S : I love this picture,Just makes me want to wear a gown,dress up and go out on my basket cycle<3!! Perfect isn’t it ? Hope you liked the post,Share your pictures with us.We ALWAYS want to know .Till then… xOXo

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