Almond Sharbat

By on June 30, 2013

To tackle the heat this Ramadan, learn how to make an Almond Sharbat easily and

What you need: ½ cup of Almonds (soaked overnight if possible), ½ tsp. of Ginger
(chopped), 5 Small Cardamoms (crushed), 3 Mint Leaves , ½ cup of Sugar, 2 cups
of Water

How to make it: Remove the outer brown skin of the almonds. Grind the almonds in
a blender along with the ginger. Add a little water to obtain a paste like
consistency. Add the water, cardamoms, and sugar to the paste. Mix thoroughly.
Cook the mixture over a low flame until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the
flame and pass the mixture through a strainer. Serve chilled garnished with the
mint leaves.


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